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About Us

We're a long time Home Automation Specialist and Systems Integrator (established in 2010) and Control 4 dealer of the year 2019. We have a vast amount of experience in designing, installing and commissioning smart homes.


The industry is changing and in such a short amount of time there has been an explosion of smart products and possibilities than ever before. This has driven consumers to the world of IoT products but the problem with these is that they are standalone solutions that do not integrate with each other and require many apps to create basic functions….and requires a lot of time and patience to install.


We can offer reliable packaged solutions, powered by Control4 and installed by our own, real human specialist engineers – in one day. And if that’s not easy enough, you choose the day by booking online.


Because we have the knowledge and expertise we will also be able to look at any existing services that you may have and subject to compatibility, we will be able to integrate them into your chosen solution. It’s really that simple.

What is Control4?

Control4 is responsible for manufacturing the core of the systems we install. Put simply Control4 is the brain of the Smart Home. Our solutions are powered by Control4 in the way say a computer would run on the Windows operating system. Control4 is the leading solution in Smart Home integration: being able to integrate over 13,000 different products and available in over 100 countries. 

If you would like to experience more of what a Control4 system has to offer, we can arrange a live demo for you at one of our showrooms.

What happens after I purchase my package?

You will shortly after receive a confirmation email with your order ID. It will also provide a link prompting you to book your free installation. Alternatively you are free to come back here and click the above button to book. Within 24 hours of your purchase our team will be in touch to introduce themselves and plan the installation. You'll be asked a few simple questions such as property/room dimensions, any existing smart devices you'd like to integrate, and other information relevant to your package.

How long does installation take?

Installation and commissioning is normally completed within one day per package.  

Can your solutions integrate with my smart devices?

Yes! At least in most cases. Our Control4 solutions integrate seemlessly with over 13,000 third party devices. We will assess your existing smart devices and where possible do the programming necessary to integrate them into your package solution. This is included as part of the installation. Please bear in mind that compatibility is completely dependent on device manufacturers. 

Do you offer bespoke/custom solutions?

Yes! In fact most of the solutions we currently install are completely bespoke. Get in touch to find out more or visit our main site.

How can I find out more information?

Our team is happy to speak to you and answer any questions you may have. 

Phone: 01923 88 39 79 (during 9am to 6pm weekdays, 10am to 4pm Saturdays)


Smart Made Simple

Control4 solutions installed and set up in a day by our specialist engineers. 

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