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One-Room Solution
One-Room Solution
One-Room Solution
One-Room Solution
One-Room Solution
One-Room Solution
One-Room Solution
One-Room Solution
£1,795.00 - £1,959.00

Our Control4 One-Room solution offers the perfect starting point for introducing Smart Home Technology into your home. Whether you’re looking to upgrade the rest of the home later on or enjoy a simplified One-Room entertainment experience for a single room is up to you. Start by thinking which room (TV Room, Kitchen, or maybe the Master Bedroom) you’d like to upgrade and let us take care of the rest.

One Remote. For Everything

The perfect remote for your new Smart Room. With one button press, the movie starts, the overhead lights dim, and ambient fixtures soften to create a truly immersive experience. The Control4 Remote can integrate with virtually all your devices in order to seamlessly control your media, lighting, temperature, shades, and more. It’s designed to look and feel like a regular TV remote for anyone in the family to just pick-up and use but with the most powerful built-in functionality, allowing you to control:

Apple TV. Sky Box. Spotify. Netflix. Roku. And over 13,000 other products and services. Our team will assess your existing smart devices and where possible integrate them into the control system as part of your packaged solution.

Smart Lighting 

Our Smart Lighting enables you to create Scenes. A Scene simply put, is a customised lighting configuration that your Smart Home remembers. For example, you could create a simple Scene that turns on all lights in the house or a more elaborate one that dims the kitchen lights to certain levels for dinner time. Scenes can be set to be triggered on demand (using your phone, Control4 Touch Screen, or the engraved buttons on Smart Switches) or automatically (i.e. motion sensors, scheduled timers, or other pre-configured triggers). This covers lighting for one room, for a standalone whole house Smart Lighting solution, click here.

You’ll also gain access to Control4’s WHEN>>THEN personalisation control panel. This allows you to easily adjust the automation in your home at any time by configuring triggers for specific events (for example: WHEN it’s sunrise, THEN turn off outdoor lights). Experiment with the many features of your Smart Home’s automation after you’ve lived with it for a while, fine-tuning it until it’s just right for you. The design possibilities are endless. 

Control4 + Alexa 

Already got an Amazon Echo? Let’s get talking. Alexa integrates seamlessly with Control4 allowing you to control your Smart Room with just your voice – completely hands-free. Imagine walking through the door into a dark room, arms full. Wouldn’t it be nice to have Alexa give you a helping hand? Now you can (and much, much more).

Peace of Mind

Every single one of our Packaged Solutions comes with a 1 Year IndigoZest Concierge Support Subscription. This is our way of saying we care - we want to make sure you enjoy your Smart Home to the fullest. For full details, check out this brochure.

Our Concierge Support Plan enables us to solve problems remotely (often before you even realise there’s any to begin with) along with:

Concierge Support: reach our support team directly via email, telephone, or our dedicated online help desk.

Complimentary Setup Adjustments: where minor changes are requested to your smart automation setup.

Background Firmware/Software Updates: keep your network secure and devices performing at 100%.

Recommended Add-Ons

Control4 Touch Screen

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Product Details

What You Get 

  – Control4 Entertainment & Automation Controller

  –  Control4 Square Single Configurable Smart Switch 

for Smart Lighting (Faceplate & Engraved Key Buttons)

  – Control4 System Remote Control SR260

  – Chowmain Sky+HD / SkyQ (UK) IP Controller

  – Peace of Mind: 1 Year IndigoZest Concierge Support Subscription

  – Integration of existing smart devices (subject to compatibility) 

  – Installation included


  – Control4 Touch Screen (Separate Add-on)


Want to know more? Watch the Control4 video to learn about this solution.


Customise Your Solution

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Let us know the type of Control4 Remote you would like. The battery version operates on AA batteries while the rechargeable version comes with its own docking station to charge.

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